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Beach safety tips

The beach is a fun and relaxing place to be. With the sun shining and the waves crashing on the gorgeous sand Daytona Beach, Florida is a great place to vacation. Even though you are on vacation you still need to be aware of you environment. Keep the following safety tips in mind.

When swimming at the beach you should always swim near a lifeguard tower as the lifeguards on duty are trained to handle situations in the water. Never swim alone and never drink alcohol and swim. There are designated areas for surfing and swimming and warning signs in dangerous areas. Always obey the warning signs; they are there for a reason.

Lifeguards can warn you about surf and beach conditions prior to entering the water. Even if you have check the conditions you should never run and dive into the water as those conditions can change rather quickly.

If you hear thunder you should exit the water right away. Do not sit under umbrellas or in aluminum chairs while there is a danger of lightening present. Try to find shelter in a nearby building or in your vehicle. Rip tides are a serious concern at the beach too. If you get in trouble in the water remember to stay calm, do not panic. Swim parallel to the shore and do not try to fight the current. If you become weak or tired turn over on your back and float with the current. Once you are out of the rip current signal for help.

Follow these tips to help stay safe while enjoying all that the beach has to offer. If you are looking for a great hotel on The World.s Most Famous Beach check out We would love to see you there.

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