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Taking your child to the beach

Taking your child to the beach is a fun experience. The wonderment on their faces and twinkle in their eyes make it even better. A large part of making their beach experience great is being prepared.

At Daytona Bahama House we really want you and your family to have a spectacular time here at Daytona Beach, Florida. The most important think you can bring on your beach vacation is sunscreen. Purchase a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher for your children. They make spray sunscreens as high as SPF 85. The sunscreen will need to be applied all over but do not forget the tops of their heads, ears, noses, shoulders and feet as these areas are more likely to become burned after a full day in the sun. You child may resist wearing a wide brimmed hat but getting one with a strap to tie it under their chin may help to keep it on them.

Make sure you carry lots of water so your child can stay hydrated. You may want to bring a little extra for cleaning off their face and hands prior to eating. Take along healthy snacks that can handle the sun. This will keep your child.s energy up so they can enjoy the water and sand.

To create a nice seating area for you and your child to rest bring along a good size beach umbrella or consider renting one. They also make beach tents specifically for keeping your child cool and shaded. A blanket to sit or nap on makes sitting under the umbrella more comfortable. You may want to keep clean towels in a large plastic bag so they can stay clean and dry while you are enjoying your beach activities.

Clean clothes are often recommended for the drive home but if you are staying at Daytona Bahama House they are not necessary as we are right on the beach. Your room will be a short distance away from all the fun. Diapers and wipes are a must if your child is not yet potty trained. There are swim diapers that are made for beach and pool days. Extra wipes are just as handy at the beach as they are at home or in the car.

Lastly you will not want to forget the sand toys! However, if you do Daytona Bahama House will have some that you can use. Enjoy your beach vacation, make lots of memories and always be safe. See you soon.

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