Avocado Kitchen

Described on their website as a “casual breakfast & lunch joint offers global light bites with plenty of vegetarian options”, The Dancing Avocado Kitchen is just that! A local favorite for many years, the restaurant is widely known for its delicious breakfast and lunch options as well as for its extensive smoothie and juice menus. The restaurant’s eclectic interior and outdoor seating area (which overlooks the bustling Beach Street shopping area) make it the perfect place for a casual breakfast or lunch break during your day at the beach. Additionally, it’s located just 6 minutes away from The Bahama House! Avocado kitchen2 During a recent meal, the owner offered us a special appetizer – vegan bruschetta! This was, admittedly, my first time trying vegan cheese. I have to say, I definitely enjoyed it. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I ate two of the three pieces he offered to us. Avocado kitchen1 Although their drink specials change daily, both myself and one of my dining companions chose to try their “Christmas in July” limeade, which featured papaya and other fruit juices. We both enjoyed it immensely – it was the perfect refresher on a 95 degree Daytona Beach afternoon. For those who are “of age”, the restaurant also offers a variety of beer and wine options during its lunchtime hours. For lunch, I decided to try one of their specials – a black bean veggie burger on whole wheat bun with your choice of cheese or avocado as a topping. Being the cheese lover that I am, that decision was an easy one. With the burger came a choice from three sides. I chose the bean salad, which I’d had before and knew would be delicious. The burger itself was great! Before ordering, I had to double check that it was made in-house, and not just an average store bought frozen patty. The waitress assured us that it was not. It was moist and delicious, and I’d certainly recommend it. Avocado kitchen3 Although she added bacon to what’s normally a vegetarian sandwich, my sister opted for one of the restaurant’s old standbys – “The Dancer”, a sandwich featuring three types of melted cheeses, bean sprouts, tomatoes, a HUGE amount of avocado, and garden lettuce, all on toasted whole wheat bread and served with potato chunks and the chef’s vegetable surprise of the day. She really enjoyed it! In fact, it’s usually what I get there too. We were too full today, but it’s worth noting that the restaurant has a variety of sweet dessert specials too. In addition to the sweet treats for sale, the restaurant also offers a variety of eclectic items, ranging from housemade hot sauces to the largest number of rubber ducklings I’ve ever seen in one place!