Your Summer Family Vacation At Daytona Beach

The Bahama House: Ready for some weekend  fun? You’ve come to the right place!

Their continental breakfast is a great treat for kids and adults alike. From savory to sweet, they have it all!

family bh1

family bh2

First, we have the obvious activity for anyone visiting Daytona Beach – the beach and the pool! Don’t forget your sunscreen, because you’ll definitely be soaking up the rays. The sun deck is the perfect place to relax.

family bh3

While you’re in beach mode, the Ocean Deck is the perfect place to enjoy a family friendly lunch. It’s truly a place that has it all: an extensive menu of fresh seafood, but where you can also order a burger and chicken fingers. They have a menu especially for youngsters – the best part about the kids menu? Everything comes served on an Ocean Deck frisbee for your children to keep! For the adults, they offer a wide selection of tropical beverages, beers, and as well as a large selection of alcohol-free drinks for you or those under the age of 21! One of my favorite parts about the Ocean Deck (besides their amazing views and food, obviously) is the gift shop. You can definitely find the perfect beach toy or souvenir there.

family bh4

family bh5

Not too far from Ocean Deck is Zeno’s Boardwalk Sweet Shop – a place that’s been hand making saltwater taffy since 1948! On their website, it states: “To pay homage to Daytona Beach, where we have been located in since 1948, we even gave our saltwater taffy the name of the World’s Most Famous Taffy(tm) in Daytona beach’s honor.” In their tiny storefront, they have 101 flavors of taffy for you (and your kids) to pick out! It’s so much fun to get a mixed box too – they come with a free guide to all of their flavors. There’s a reason they’re “The World’s Most Famous Taffy”!

family bh6family bh7

After enjoying all of your delicious food and taffy, head over to Ponce Inlet to the Marine Science Center. The center focuses on rehabilitating the area’s natural marine life – including sea turtles and seabirds. My favorite? Their aquatic touch pool. The 13-foot-long, 1,400 gallon pool allows big and little hands to reach in and actually touch marine creatures – like cownose rays, Atlantic stingrays, several types of indigenous fish, and a huge variety of invertebrates. These include horseshoe crabs, anemones, sea urchins, hermit crabs, and many other creatures that inhabit our local waters! For you (and your children’s) convenience, they have special floating trays so that visitors big and small and handle the smaller animals safely.

family bh8

After a fun-filled day of exploring some of the coolest things to do near The Bahama House, you’ll be happy to come back and relax. The complimentary social hour features a variety of drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and snacks for both you and your children to enjoy.

family bh9

For a dinner that’s a little out of the ordinary, head to Tia Cori’s Tacos, just over the bridge. It’s a casual Mexican restaurant that has plenty of authentic items for you to try. They also have a great kid’s menu (and it includes chicken nuggets).  They offer a wide selection of drinks, both alcoholic and non. For a sugary drink, try the Jarritos sodas! They are authentic sodas and a must-try. The restaurant is family owned and operated, and everything from the salsas and guacamole (which you MUST order) is fresh daily. Even their tortillas are made from an off-site tortilla bakery daily! On warm summer nights, you can sit outside under a covered patio area where there’s often live music.

family bh10

After a wonderful day full of amazing activities, the entire family will love coming back to The Bahama House for a night of sleep and the sounds of the sea.

family bh11

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More Than Just A Day at The Beach

Bahama House

While Daytona Beach, FL is known for being “The World’s Most Famous Beach” and “The World Center of Racing”, couples looking for a quick romantic getaway at The Bahama House can discover that it’s so much more than that! With a vibrant local arts scene and plenty of delicious food, local beers, and wine to sample, you can come to The Bahama House and fill your weekend with both days by the pool and experiencing all of what Daytona Beach has to offer. For this post, I’m going to be formatting it in an unusual way: I’ll walk you through a day of activities tailored for couples looking for more than just the usual day at the beach.

After enjoying your included continental breakfast (or maybe trying out Mike’s Galley, which I’ve previously blogged about here), you’ll be ready for the best couples weekend Daytona Beach has to offer.

Three Brothers Paddleboards

Next, head over to Three Brothers Paddleboarding and take a look at the huge variety of tours they have to offer. From a two hour stand up paddle board class, to nature tours and even a tour designed for manatee and dolphin sightings, they have a huge variety of things to offer. As proof, they are the #1 on the list of activities to see in Florida.

Angell & Phelps

If you’re looking for something a little more *sweet* and relaxing, head to Angell and Phelps chocolate factory for a free tour – they offer tours starting at 10am (with tours at 11am, 1pm, 2pm 3pm, and 4pm), with each tour lasting approximately 20  minutes and ending with free samples of their delicious chocolate. What could be better than that? (Answer: nothing). If chocolate’s not your thing, but you still want a sweet treat, be sure to check out Donnie’s Donuts. If you’ve been reading my blogs, you know I LOVE Donnie’s donuts and house brewed coffee.



Head over to The Museum of Arts and Sciences – the main art, science, and history museum in Central Florida. The museum is a Smithsonian Institution Affiliate located on a 90-acre Florida Nature preserve. It houses over 30,000 objects – everything from a collection of Cuban art to ancient Chinese art. It even houses a Prehistory of Florida Gallery, which includes a Floridian Giant Ground Sloth Skeleton, as well the Root Family Museum, which displays railroad cars, antique automobiles, and the largest collection of Coca-Cola Memorabilia in Florida. Perhaps the most amazing part is the brand new Cici and Hyatt Brown Museum of Art, which houses the largest collection of Florida-based art in the world. For lunch, you wouldn’t even have to leave the museum – this part of the museum includes the Heavenly Ham Cafe at the Brown Museum, where you can enjoy delicious house roasted meats and sandwiches, as well as a selection of salads and soups.

The Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

If you’d rather take a long, yet beautiful drive, to the beach experience a different kind of Florida, you can visit the Ponce Inlet lighthouse – just turn left out of the Bahama House Parking lot and drive. The Ponce Inlet Lighthouse is tallest lighthouse in Florida – you’ll have to climb  203 steps to reach the top of the 175 foot tower, but once you do reach the top, you’ll be able to enjoy unparalleled views of the World’s Most Famous Beach, Ponce Inlet, and the surrounding inland waterways from the lighthouse’s gallery deck. If you don’t want to climb that many steps, don’t worry – there is still plenty to do in Ponce Inlet. You can just walk a grass path that surrounds the beach and enjoy a beautiful sunny day, and there’s also a nature trail, and The Marine Science Center. The Marine Science center includes sea turtle and bird rehabilitation, the boardwalk (nature trail mentioned above), an artificial reef aquarium, an observation tower, and other interactive displays. For lunch, there are plenty of beachside restaurants around where you can enjoy Florida seafood, cold beverages, and more!


Bahama House Balcany Ocean View

Before heading out for a delicious dinner, take some time to relax! Enjoy the view from your room and be sure to treat yourselves to free drinks, popcorn, and other snacks from the Bahama House’s nightly cocktail reception from 5:30 – 6:30pm.


I’ve given this section a heading of its own because in my opinion, the perfect dinner is the best way to end a perfect weekend. While Daytona Beach has innumerable options, I’ve highlighted two of my favorites below. One is a beautiful upscale italian restaurant, while the other is less expensive and more casual, but just as delicious and enjoyable. Both are located less than 10 minutes away from the Bahama House!

The Cellar

To describe The Cellar, I will let them speak for themselves:

“The Cellar Restaurant has been serving upscale Italian cuisine with a fine dining atmosphere in the Historic District of Daytona Beach since 2003. It is located in the historic home of President Warren G. Harding. Built in 1907 by his father-in-law Amos H. Kling, the Hardings used the home as a seasonal residence to escape the cold Ohio winters. The building is now on the National Historic Registry and owned by your hosts, Sam and Lina Moggio. The Cellar Restaurant and Chef Sam Moggio have been recognized many times not only as being the best Italian restaurant in Daytona Beach, but also for best service and atmosphere. The restaurant is intimate, the food exquisite, and the wine list is superb.

-Chef Sam Moggio is a graduate of the renowned Culinary Institute of America with 40 years of professional experience. Before moving to Florida, he worked in New York and Italy.

If you are looking for a less expensive, but just as enjoyable Italian experience, try Zappi’s Italian Garden! Located on Beach Street, it features an extensive Italian menu with everything from gnocchi, to salmon or steak, or a freshly baked pizza. Their full bar and beer and wine menu are also esquite. If you’re looking for a place where you can sit outside, look no further – their outdoor dining area is beautiful and features string lights you can enjoy as the evening progresses.

Both restaurants feature amazing desserts, so be sure not to completely fill up on their delicious offerings before your meal comes to an end.

After a relaxing, beautiful weekend, nothing will beat coming back to the Bahama House for a restful sleep on their amazing comfortable beds.

-The Cellar Restaurant has been acclaimed as the Best Italian restaurant in Daytona Beach and Top Restaurant overall in Daytona Beach and is highly rated across several sites such as TripAdvisor. We have also been well reviewed in a number of print publications.

OpenTable Diners’ Choice Awards include:

Most Romantic – Top 100 Restaurants in the US (See the complete list)

– Top 100 Restaurants in the United States. – Best Service

-Outstanding Wine List – Top 100 in the United States.”

If you are looking for an intimate, authentic, and romantic dining experience, The Cellar would be my top recommendation.”


If you are looking for a less expensive, but just as enjoyable Italian experience, try Zappi’s Italian Garden! Located on Beach Street, it features an extensive Italian menu with everything from gnocchi, to salmon or steak, or a freshly baked pizza. Their full bar and beer and wine menu are also esquite. If you’re looking for a place where you can sit outside, look no further – their outdoor dining area is beautiful and features string lights you can enjoy as the evening progresses.

Both restaurants feature amazing desserts, so be sure not to completely fill up on their delicious offerings before your meal comes to an end.

After a relaxing, beautiful weekend, nothing will beat coming back to the Bahama House for a restful sleep on their amazing comfortable beds.

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Mike’s Galley

mikes galley1

Looking for the best breakfast (or lunch) in Daytona Beach? Look no further – at Mike’s Galley, you’ll find it. Even better? It’s just a short 2 minute drive or even a 20 minute walk from the Bahama House. A cool touch is their selection of trivia cards on every table – the perfect thing to distract you from your hunger while you wait for the delicious food you’re soon to be served.

mikes galley2

It’s the perfect place for everything from pancakes, eggs and bacon, or even a large selection of burgers and fries. What’s even better is their selection of baked goods – everything from muffins to cinnamon rolls, that you can enjoy there or in the comfort of your own room. Or maybe, even on the beach!

I am pretty biased, because I’ve never had a bad meal at Mike’s. If I had to recommend my two favorite items, I would say go for the following:

- The Turkaco Sandwich: A perfect combination of their in-house roasted turkey, fresh avocado, and swiss. All melted into deliciousness on their freshly baked wheat bread. It also comes with your choice of side, which range from salads and soups to house cut french fries. I’m getting hungry just writing about it! Their list of sandwiches takes up an entire page of the menu, so you’re sure to find the perfect sandwich or burger for whatever you’re in the mood for.

-A Mike’s Mix: Three scrambled eggs with cheese – with a super long list of various delicious combinations. I like the California mix, which combines spinach, mushrooms, swiss cheese, and bacon so much that I’ve never tried anything else! I’ve sampled all of their potato sides, and my favorite are their hashbrowns. You can also choose grits; and, of course,  a variety of their freshly baked breads (my favorite is the rye YUM) or an English muffin. Could it get any better than that? *Hint* No!

mikes galley3

My Mom prefers to keep things simpler: ordering two scrambled eggs, bacon, a side of grits (she is a connoisseur of grits and LOVES theirs), and also rye toast. Their freshly brewed iced tea is another favorite of hers. However, my sister has had a burger and fries many times and will vouch for their deliciousness. I keep using that word, but just writing this blog post is making me hungry! If you’re looking for breakfast foods other than eggs, have no fear – they also have a large selection of pancakes, waffles, and what they call “Mike’s Fabulous French Toast.” Just from the name, I can tell it’s delicious.

Now, on to an entirely different category – their freshly baked sweets. Looking for a cinnamon bun the size of your head? Come to Mike’s Galley. How about a rotating selection of muffins? Come to Mike’s Galley. I’ve sampled both their cinnamon rolls (I split one with my sister) and a very large blueberry muffin, and both were AMAZING.

mikes galley4

So – in conclusion: If you’re looking for a delicious breakfast (served from open until close) or lunch, or even just a bakery item, stop by Mike’s Galley from 7am to 2pm every day. Then, go back to the Bahama House and bask in the sun by the pool deck or take a relaxing walk on the beach.

mikes galley5

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Experience 2016 Bike Week – Bahama House Style

If you’ve never been to Daytona Beach during Bike Week – definitely put it on your bucketbh bike week1 list. In fact, why not come this week? There are plenty of week day activities to check out and to make it even more exciting, this is the 75th Anniversary of Bike Week being held in Daytona Beach! The Bahama House is a central location for all things biker friendly. Don’t have a motorcycle? Don’t worry – you don’t need one to experience all of the great activities planned. Consider coming mid-week: rates are cheaper and there are still A TON of great activities to enjoy.

During the week, you’ll be able to experience street festivals, concerts, motorcycle races, bike show, rallies, manufacturer showcases, and even more! Historic Main Street and Beach Street are less than 10 minutes away from the Bahama House, making it the perfect place to relax after a good day (and night) of Bike Week fun. The first Daytona 200 motorcycle race was held in January 1937 – but, due to World War II, the races were put on hold for a bit. Instead, bikers from across the country were invited to line their bikes up along Main Street and stay at area hotels, like the Bahama House. The unofficial party was call “Bike Week”, and now in its 75th year, it definitely caught on!

bh bike week2

On Sunday, March 6th, you’ll be able to see the majestic, world famous Budweiser Clydesdales at Riverfront Park (just minutes away from the Bahama House) as they parade down Beach Street. Also on March 6th, local radio station 103.3 THE VIBE is pairing up with Daytona International Speedway to put on an event at the track that is sure to be unforgettable.

bh bike week3

On Monday, March 7th, go check out the Harley-Davidson sponsored The Hairball Band at Dirty Harry’s at 7pm, followed by the Jasmine Caine at 8pm. Join these two bands for a great time and crank up to an amazing tribute to arena rock. Before that, go check out the Bike Week kick-off at The Bandshell, a beautiful oceanside venue. Harley-Davidson and other major sponsors are sure to put on a good time!

bh bike week4
Don’t forget – in addition to all of these great activities, the Bahama House offers a great place to relax by the pool, on the beach, or for those 21 and up, to enjoy a drink at the complimentary happy hour nightly.

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The View From The Bahama House Pool Deck

Even on cloudy days, when “cool” weather takes over Daytona Beach (…and by “cool,” I mean the lower 70s), the view from the Bahama House pool deck is truly the best on the beach. There have been children swimming and adults relaxing in the hot tub all day!

pool deck1 pool deck2

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The Country 500

Country 500 1

Country 500 2

If you know even the slightest bit of information about NASCAR (or its longer name, The National Association for Stock Car Racing), you know that Daytona Beach is known as “The World Center of Racing.” In fact, the sport began right up the beach from The Bahama House. It may seem crazy now, but in the early 1950s, drivers began racing their cars right here on the beach – the very same beach that the Bahama House is located on! The beach’s long, smooth straights earned Daytona Beach reputation as being  “paradise for speed junkies.” Additionally, American automakers used the beach to test their latest models. These early stock car races are the foundation upon which modern racing as we know it today were built upon. Seeing the sport’s potential very early on, Bill France founded NASCAR in 1948 and opened the Daytona Beach International Speedway in 1959.   Today, racing in Daytona Beach looks very different. In January of 2016, it will look more dissimilar than the early days of beach driving than ever, when the Daytona International Speedway’s $400 million dollar renovation is complete. This track makeover has garnered national attention. Over Memorial Day Weekend in 2016, the Daytona Beach International Speedway will host The Country 500. The event feature 45 acts on three stages and I, for one, am excited. With each passing day, more and more artists are announced! Today, the list of headliners includes: Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, Kid Rock, Lady Antebellum, Sara Evans, Little Big Town, Lee Brice, Eli Young Band, and even Willie Nelson. Yes, you read that right – WILLIE NELSON. As you can probably tell from the tone of my writing, I for one, am very, very excited for this festival. Also called “The Great American Music Fest at Daytona,” The Country 500 festival will feature the biggest stars in country music spread over three days and nights, programmed on three huge performance stages—all specially designed and built for the festival. Country 500 will take place on the infield of the world-famous Daytona International Speedway, a historic first mega-music festival inside the hallowed grounds of one of the most iconic motorsports venues in America.

Country 500 3

With the complete list finally being announced to the public, Early Bird Tickets went on sale just two days ago, priced at $199 for the weekend. I got mine quickly, and you should too – advanced pricing jumps to $229 per ticket and regularly priced tickets will be $249.

Fans at the festival will also have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of their favorite country stars at artist meet-and-greets located throughout pit road and the garages. Numerous other features—a select festival menu sold from food booths and food trucks; carnival rides; arcade games; cooling water elements; country-and-western merchandise; fireworks; and more—will all be a part of the festival, as Country 500 transforms racing’s greatest venue into a festival-goer’s dream.

It seems like this is just the beginning of the new events to be held at the Speedway – adding even more reasons to the long list of reasons why The Bahama House is the perfect place to stay for beach goers who want multifaceted vacation that includes the best of what Daytona Beach has to offer. In a recent interviews, Joie Chitwood, ISC’s president, has made it clear that he wants the newly-renovated speedway to become the world center of entertainment. In his words:

“This is only the beginning for non-racing events at the speedway – football? Absolutely a potential. How about soccer? That’s an opportunity. How about something we haven’t thought of yet?”

I can’t wait for May of 2016 – my Memorial Day weekend will be filled with laying at the beach in front of the Bahama House and rocking out to great country bands at the Daytona International Speedway.

Country 500 4

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Daytona Blues Festival

 blues festival1    The Daytona Blues Festival is a three day event in the beginning of October. It brings together blues artists from around the country to perform at the historic Jackie Robinson baseball stadium, located in the heart of Daytona Beach’s downtown. Put on yearly by the Daytona Blues Foundation since 2009, the festival was founded with the purpose of developing an annual blues weekend whose proceeds would generate funds for health initiatives for women and children in the local community. In its first 5 years, the festival raised over $100,000 in funding for improving the lives of local women in children. The Bahama House and Aku Tiki were title sponsors this year, helping the festival do some pretty amazing work.

blues festival2

I had some friends in town this past weekend, so the festival couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. The weather was great and it was only a five minute drive from The Bahama House! Located in beautiful historic downtown Daytona Beach, the venue couldn’t have been better. We walked along the street and enjoyed a little bit of shopping and stopped for lunch at Avocado Kitchen, which was, as usual, delicious – and pretty healthy too! We chose to go on a Saturday afternoon so that we could participate in the festival’s local beer tasting (surprise, surprise!). It was a great time for all. We were able to sample beers from Persimmon Hollow, Tomoka Brewing Company, and even Mead made in DeLand, just a short drive away from Daytona Beach. All of the local beermakers seemed just as excited to be there as we were, making recommendations and even letting us sample a few brews before filling up our cups. I was excited to find out that my favorite local brewery, Daytona Taproom, has recently begun offering some of their beers in cans! My friends and I agreed that the most unusual tasting we had was mead, something that none of us had ever tried before, as you can see from our excited faces below. We learned that mead is something that is relatively easy to brew at home, but agreed that it’s not something any of us are qualified to do on our own. The mead brewers definitely had a friendly laugh at our expense, and we laughed along with them.

blues festival3

blues festival4

blues festival5

This year’s lineup included 16 acts – some of whom were staying at The Bahama House. My friends, who were also staying at The Bahama House, ran into a few musicians in the lobby!

Admittedly, I don’t know a great deal about The Blues. However, no specific musical knowledge was necessary to enjoy the amazing musical talent that was brought to town for the event. After enjoying our beers, my friends and I sat down in the stadium to enjoy a performance by the Balkun Brothers, who describe themselves as an “explosive, high-energy, funk-infused, blues-rock band.” They traveled all the way down from Hartford, Connecticut for the event! We definitely agreed with their description, and judging by the reaction from others in the crowd, they did too! We could definitely tell that their music is rooted in the traditional blues tradition, but with a new age, psychedelic twist.

blues festival6
I can’t wait to return to the Daytona Blues Festival next year! I learned a great deal not only about local breweries, but also about the history of the blues and how it’s evolving as a genre. The best part? At the end of the day, we were able to return to the Bahama House, relax,  and enjoy its lovely cocktail hour.

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Donnie’s Donuts

Donnies donuts1

Daytona Beach has always had your normal, run-of-the mill chain donut restaurants. I will admit this now: I have never liked donuts. (Note the use of the past tense here.) Before the opening of Donnie’s Donuts, I would ALWAYS choose a bagel over a donut. Any day. Donuts just weren’t for me. Well, I am a now changed woman. Donnie’s Donuts is a brand new, locally owned restaurant located on Seabreeze Avenue, just a short ride up A1A from the Bahama House. Although it might seem inconspicuous from the outside, your mind will immediately change upon entering.

Donnies donuts2

From the second I walked into Donnie’s for the first time, I knew I had to try one of their donuts immediately. You can smell the scent of their delicious creations just as you’re walking in the door. From start to finish, they make their brilliant creations right behind the counter. I had never seen a donut being fried right before my very eyes! Here’s how it works (although, a donut master there will surely offer up a better explanation than I can): you can choose a daily creation from what Donnie’s calls their donut vault, or you can make your own masterpiece by choosing your own base donut, frosting, toppings, and drizzle. It’s basically a little piece of donut heaven on earth. Offering everything from Capt’n Crunch, Lucky Charms, Bacon Bits, and toasted coconut as topping options; creative icings like maple syrup, cream cheese, chocolate, and strawberry; and drizzles including peanut butter, raspberry, and jelly fillings, you will certainly find the perfect donut for you. Keep in mind, I’m only including a small sample of their seeming infinite number of options.

When a few of my best friends (one of them a donut connoisseur) came for a visit this past weekend, we may or may not have eaten at Donnie’s at midnight the night before and then came back for breakfast in the morning… Yes, it’s THAT good. If you don’t believe me

or my donut loving best friend, Donnie’s was also featured recently on the Instagram of a local chef whose work has been featured in Real Simple Magazine, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and Martha Stewart. She also had the brilliant idea of taking a Donnie’s donut to the beach, an activity that I (and you) should certainly take to heart.

Donnies donuts5

Thought it couldn’t get any better? Sorry, you’re wrong! Donnie’s serves up freshly brewed cold brew iced coffee and a has a selection of organic juices. They also offer monthly hand lettering and design classes held by a relative who designed the store’s beautiful website and minimalist interior. I’m signed up for a class in October and can’t wait! If you’re looking for a unique and fun way to spend your visit, a design class would certainly be one. Additionally, they’re open until midnight if you’re looking for the perfect post-bar snack.

In summation: take a short drive up A1A from the Bahama House to Donnie’s donuts and eat them on the beach and you’ll have a perfect (and delicious) morning.

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Panheads Pizzeria

Panheads PizzeriaPanheads Pizzeria – oh, how I love thee. Sorry for the bad humor, but the pizza is indescribably good! That’s saying a lot, as I am a self-proclaimed pizza expert. Not only do they have what I would argue is the best pizza in town, they also have an expansive menu including a ton of other equally delicious items, as well as craft beer, sodas, and cocktails (more on that below). Sound good to you? Well, it gets better! All of this deliciousness is located in a restaurant just a 10 minute drive from The Bahama House – just head up A1A and over the Dunlawton Bridge and viola – you’re there!

As we were celebrating my sister’s leaving for her sophomore year at college, we went all out. We started off the meal with spinach-artichoke dip. My Dad and I each enjoyed a craft beer and my Mom ordered a jalapeno margarita, which she said was delicious. When we walked into the restaurant before being seated, we noticed that Panheads had a salad exhibition going on. We ordered it, and it was filled with a delicious selection of vegetables, freshly cooked bacon, and cheese. Loving pizza so much, it was really hard to decide which to get! However, we finally settled on a “Whole Lotta Love”, which includes chicken, baby spinach, sundried tomatoes, roasted garlic, pepperoncinis, olives, and feta cheese. As you can see in the photo, we substituted the chicken for artichokes. Unsurprisingly, the pizza was delicious (and made for equally delicious leftovers).

panheads pizzeria food

If you’re looking to end your meal with a sweet dessert look no further. If you’ve never had a “Skillet Cookie”, it’s a Panheads must. What is a Skillet Cookie, you ask? It’s a giant (very sharable) freshly baked chocolate cookie topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup. The best part? The cookie is still warm and melty when it reaches your table!

As you can tell, my family loves pizza and we love Panheads – and how close it is to The Bahama House!

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2015 Biketoberfest – Don’t Miss It

Biketoberfest is an annual motorcycle meetup that’s been running annually since 1992. Its original name was “Daytona Fall Tour”, and in 1993 it became known as what it is today. October is the perfect month for a motorcycle event in Daytona Beach – not too hot, not too humid, and with a great breeze coming straight off the ocean. There’s nothing like riding a motorcycle down Main Street with the ocean breeze blowing pleasantly across your face! Vendors from across the country join local stores, bars, and restaurants for an unparalleled assortment of food, beverage, and merchandise options. Main Street, a longtime staple of the Biketoberfest tradition, is only a short 5 minute cruise down AIA from The Bahama House – making the family owned hotel the perfect place to stay. With its complimentary continental breakfast and happy hour, the hotel is the perfect Biktoberfest choice.

2015 Biketoberfest

For a true Daytona Beach Main Street experience “must stops” during the week include: Main Street Station, Boot Hill Saloon, Main Street Station and “Official Gear”, a half mile stretch along the Halifax River where both food and merchandise vendors sell their gear.

Another must-stop is Bruce Rossmeyer’s Destination Daytona – a one stop destination for all things Harley Davidson. The year round attraction features special events during the whole of Biketoberfest. Along with its bar and restaurant scene, Destination Daytona is home to an official Harley Davidson dealership…if you’re interested in buying a new bike, this would be the place to do it!

For those who want both beach and bikes (the best of both worlds), staying at The Bahama House during Biketoberfest 2015 is the perfect place to be.

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