From the Bahama House to Donnie’s Donuts

The Daytona Beach area has always had your normal, run-of-the mill chain donut restaurants. I will admit this now: I have never liked donuts.(Note the use of the past tense here.) Before the opening of Donnie’s Donuts, I would ALWAYS choose a bagel over a donut. Any day. Donuts just weren’t for me. Well, I am a now changed woman. Donnie’s Donuts is a brand new, locally owned restaurant located on East Granada Blvd just a short ride up A1A from the Bahama House. Although it might seem inconspicuous from the outside, your mind will immediately change upon entering. From the second I walked into Donnie’s Donuts for the first time, I knew I had to try one of their donuts immediately. You can smell the scent of their delicious creations just as you’re walking in the door. From start to finish, they make their brilliant creations right behind the counter. I had never seen a donut being fried right before my very eyes! Here’s how it works (although, a donut master there will surely offer up a better explanation than I can): you can choose a daily creation from what Donnie’s calls their donut vault, or you can make your own masterpiece by choosing your own base donut, frosting, toppings, and drizzle. It’s basically a little piece of donut heaven on earth. Offering everything from Capt’n Crunch, Lucky Charms, Bacon Bits, and toasted coconut as topping options; creative icings like maple syrup, cream cheese, chocolate, and strawberry; and drizzles including peanut butter, raspberry, and jelly fillings, you will certainly find the perfect donut for you. Keep in mind, I’m only including a small sample of their seeming infinite number of options.When a few of my best friends (one of them a donut connoisseur) came for a visit this past 

Donnies donuts2weekend, we may or may not have eaten at Donnie’s Donuts at midnight the night before and then came back for breakfast in the morning… Yes, it’s THAT good. If you don’t believe me or my donut loving best friend, Donnie’s was also featured recently on the Instagram of a local chef whose work has been featured in Real Simple Magazine, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and Martha Stewart. She also had the brilliant idea of taking a Donnie’s donut to the beach, an activity that I (and you) should certainly take to heart. 

Thought it couldn’t get any better? Sorry, you’re wrong! 

Donnie’s Donuts serves up freshly brewed cold brew iced coffee and a has a selection of organic juice and daily donut specials. Pro-tip: on Thursdays, their specialty is blueberry!  Additionally, they’re open until midnight if you’re looking for the perfect post-bar snack. In summation: take a short drive up A1A from the Bahama House to Donnie’s Donuts and eat them on the beach and you’ll have a perfect (and delicious) morning.