Jimmy Hula’s

If you want to experience some Hawaiian-influenced vibes and food close to the Bahama House, check out Jimmy Hula’s!  Take a short but scenic cruise up the coast on Atlantic Avenue from the Bahama House and you’ll be there. 

 Built to look like a surfer’s paradise and with the food and drinks to match it, Jimmy Hula’s is the perfect spot for lunch or dinner. With everything from roasted avocado and fish tacos to burgers, their diverse menu is sure to satisfy any palate. In addition, they also feature an expansive list of local beer. 

A look into Jimmy Hula’s…where West Coast AND East Coast flavors combine into something great.

Pictured above: a few of their standout menu items. The first is the “Burnt Reynolds” burger. What makes it unique? THE TOPPINGS – egg, American cheese, bacon, Lay’s® chips, lettuce, and ketchup. The second is the Malibu fish taco. A cool thing feature is that on their menu, it states they use only sustainable, premium whitefish. Your fish can be served any way you want it: blackened, grilled, or crispy. I recommend the blackened, as it gives the fish the excellent amount of flavor. In addition, their expansive menu also has some great vegetarian options. Their Tree Hugger tacos are my personal favorite (and I enjoy them quite frequently). They’re filled with a perfect blend of mushroom, zucchini,  onion, black beans, cotija, and crema. 

After a delicious meal, come back to the Bahama House where you can catch some rays and enjoy the unparalleled view of the Atlantic Ocean. Or, if you’re ready for a nap, you can still experience the ocean in one of our newly remodelled rooms.

Wherever you choose to lay down, you’ll always be getting the best of the beach and more at the Bahama House. Be sure to enjoy the Manager’s Cocktail Hour, Daily Deluxe Continental Breakfast, and freshly baked cookies every morning.