Pasha Middle East Cafe

In continuing my blog’s “foods of the world” theme recently, I decided to write up another local favorite from another area of the world. Pasha Middle Eastern Cuisine is a small, almost “incognito” local Middle Eastern restaurant and grocery store that you will not regret stopping by. A small restaurant seemingly run by the same two men every time, upon entering, you’ll immediately be enticed by the mouthwatering scent of Middle Eastern spices and roasting meats. Although, if you’re a vegetarian, don’t fret – their menu includes plenty of options for you too! Another plus?
Pasha Middle East Caf
It’s less than a 10 minute drive from The Bahama House – just over the bridge and near a ton of other attractions, including the Daytona International Speedway!
A Map of The Bahama House’s Proximity to Pasha Middle East Cafe
This time, I visited the restaurant with another friend. To start, we ordered Baba Ganoush, a cooked eggplant and tahini oil spread served with the restaurant’s pita bread, which is baked in giant ovens on site. Unsurprisingly, it was delicious! It doesn’t get better than pita bread baked on site. For our main course, I went with shish tawook, a traditional pita “sandwich” filled with garlic seasoned chicken, vegetables, and your choice of tahini or tzatziki sauce. As evidenced by the photo, I would recommend going with tzatziki! However, that’s not to say the tahini option isn’t just as delicious. Pasha3 My friend decided to go with a more traditional Middle Eastern option – a gyro! Filled with a combination of roasted beef and lamb, the pita is also filled with lettuce and your choice of tzatziki or tahini sauce. As you can probably tell from the photo below, my dining companion also chose the (decidedly delicious) tzatziki option. In my humble opinion, no Middle Eastern meal is complete without dessert. “What dessert?”, you ask? – Baklava. There’s no better place in Daytona Beach to enjoy baklava, so of course, we had to get some. Although pistachio is my personal favorite, I’ve sampled the almond variety too, and it’s also delicious.