Zen Bistro

Zen Bistro has been a local favorite for delicious Thai food ever since they opened – so much so that they were able to move to a beautiful new location complete with a large outdoor seating area complimented by a beautiful fountain and plenty of flowers. One of my favorite restaurants in Daytona Beach, Zen Bistro is located just a short 6 minute drive away from The Bahama House. Additionally, their prices can’t be beat for how delicious the food is – the most expensive meal comes in at just around $10.95, and that’s if you get your meal with steak or shrimp. Chicken and vegetarian options are also available! Although their entire menu is surely delicious, I’ll walk you through one of my absolute favorite meals. Thai tea, which consists of strongly brewed black tea and sweetened condensed milk poured over ice, is a delicious must have. It’s the perfect compliment to any meal on their menu, especially if you’re a fan of spicy foods! Starting with chicken gyoza is a must – the dumplings come fried, as pictured, but I’ll let you in on a secret…you can ask for them steamed if you’d like! They come served with a delicious soy based sauce for dipping. As a main course, I absolutely LOVE their Green Curry. Their menu includes a large selection of Thai salads, a few soups, a number of noodle entrees, and other Thai curries. As mentioned earlier, the noodle and curry dishes come with your choice of protein: steak, shrimp, chicken, tofu, or even just with extra vegetables. As you can see, my Green Curry consisted of chicken, a number of fresh vegetables, and brown rice (you can also go with traditional white sticky rice). The sauce is made with a coconut milk base, plenty of Thai basil, Kaffir limes, and a variety of Thai spices. As their menu notes, you get to choose your “spiciness” level – talk to your server about your personal preference, but I usually get around a Level 2 – with 1 being the mildest and 10 being the hottest. Although it’s only available when mangoes are in season (as the menu notes), Zen Bistro’s Mango Sticky Rice is absolutely delicious. Fresh mangoes are complemented by coconut sweetened sticky rice. If you happen to be staying at The Bahama House when mangoes aren’t in season –  don’t worry! They have a large selection of other sweet endings to your meal. To conclude: Zen Bistro is delicious and their new location is beautiful, with both indoor and outdoor seating. With it being only a six minute drive from The Bahama House, it’s not to be missed during your stay!